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Determinants of performance and injury are multifactorial, meaning that positive and negative responses to training are influenced by biomechanical factors, as well as various emotional and lifestyle factors. Analyzing moderators of workload can help us better-understand these factors and prescribe workload with more precision to increase chances for training and rehab success.

Tissue Adaptation to Mechanical Forces:

A Questions of Time

“Cells live in a manifold existence. They are both complex biochemical information processing entities and mechanical objects that live within mechanically active environments. As our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms underlying mechanosensation and mechanotransduction improves, these mechanical and biochemical realities appear increasingly intertwined.”

Tendon Pathology


When there is a reduction in joint capacity, i.e. amount of useable range of motion, movement exploration becomes confined and variability in movement is restricted. Continually using the same confined range of motion leads to the same tissues becoming repetitively overloaded. Acute and chronic overloading of tendinous tissue can lead to tendon pathology – TENDINOPATHY.

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Ulnar Impaction Syndrome: 

The Role of Pronator Quadratus

Ulnar impaction is caused by abutment of the ulna (Ul) against the carpal bones - often experienced as lateral wrist pain when loading the wrist in extension (such as push-ups or barbell front rack). 

The pronator quadratus is a deep muscle in the distal forearm which influences movement of the wrist joints. It is comprised of 2 heads: 
👉The SUPERFICIAL HEAD is thought to contribute to wrist pronation.
👉The DEEP HEAD is thought to play a role in stabilizing the distal radioulnar joint.

💥The deep head (d1 & d2) attaches directly into the joint capsule of the distal radioulnar joint and base of the ulnar styloid. These distal muscle fascicles of pronator quadratus contribute to pulling the redundant capsule of the distal radioulnar joint to avoid being pinched between the radius (Ra) and the ulna. It is also speculated that these muscles fascicles shift the ulna proximally (pro) and laterally (lat), thus functioning to prevent the head of the ulna from impacting against the carpal bones.

In closing angle joint pain cases like ulnar impaction, establishing healthy quality of the deepest bioflow tissue (in this case pronator quadratus) is necessary before trying to establish healthy joint function.

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Move Better Methods

Developing Better Humans

Mitch uses methods developed from science and validated research to give your body what it needs to MOVE toward optimization.

Manual Therapy


Aches and pains don't always mean injury - they are also signs or results of unhealthy movement. In early stages of intervention, manual therapy is essential to guide tissue healing and progress toward healthy movement. Treatment modalities include:

  • Joint mobilization & manipulation

  • Soft tissue therapy

  • Functional Range Release (FR)

  • Contemporary medical acupuncture

  • Exercise rehabilitation

Resilience Development



Mobility: "the ability to move". With guided scientific FRC principles, mobility training expands body control. Unlike flexibility training, it increases your USEABLE ranges of motion. Benefits include:​

  • Rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention

  • Strength/functional development

  • Joint health/longevity

  • Move with freedom and confidence

Performance Enhancement


"Principle of Specificity" - to become better at a specific skill, you must practice that skill.

Every physical skill has specific movement prerequisites. Strength and conditioning builds on your foundation to allow you to move with greater efficiency and effectiveness, and in turn PERFORM at a higher level. An exercise program catered to your needs and goals will optimize your performance in any challenge you wish to accept.


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Dr. Mitch Broser

As a chiropractor, FRCms, and strength & conditioning coach, my expertise lies in health and human performance. I strive to assist, educate and empower others to move better - to BE BETTER.

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